Referral Marketing- Get Referred to Success!

Succeed with Referral Marketing

It’s clear that referral marketing is extremely important to a company’s growth and health in the free market economy.  To begin receiving referrals it is important that your service has qualities that make people want to talk about them. There are several things that your company can do to get started with referral marketing!

Unique Product or Style

What makes your company stand out from your competitors? Why would someone choose your services over another? To begin, asking yourself these questions is vital in thinking about how your company can market itself. By creating something novel and fresh people are bound to talk about it to their friends, family and colleagues. A simple “Wow, that cupcake place has the most interesting flavors in New York!” from one friend to another can have more power than an advertisement on television. Make sure that you are aware of your company’s unique differences and capitalize upon them in ways that people will talk about.

Employees and Referral Marketing

Make sure that all of your employees know and believe in the vision of your company. This can be accomplished by involving the employees in discussions about the vision of where the company is headed and what steps it will take to get there. By making a common goal with your employees, they will begin to feel that the company’s successes are their successes as well. These shared goals will make the employees more willing to work hard and produce excellent service, and excellent service will lead to referrals.

Personalized Approach

Customers are more likely to recommend companies that they feel a personal connection to. To make a customer feel closer to your company it is vital that you and your employees create this connection. Going the extra mile with excellent service, like chatting with the customer at the appropriate times, can go a long way. One of my favorite sandwich shops not only had creative and delicious food, but had great service as well. The owner always made a point to talk to me and made me feel like a valued customer, eventually going so far as to make special sandwiches for me and give me discounts. Though the service was slow, I overlooked this annoying problem and ate there frequently because I felt a personal connection.

What Can You do Now to Begin Referral Marketing?

  1. Create an action plan, and include your employees.
  2. Ask for referrals from satisfied customers.
  3. Keep working hard, and don’t be afraid to promote yourself!

A good book to learn more about the referral strategy is The Referral Engine. It gives you step-by-step instructions on how to get your company to market itself. It is a great read for your business to be referred to success!


All in all, referral marketing is extremely important to growing your business. Make sure that your employees are invested in your vision, that the service is personalized to specific customers and your business is capitalizing on its unique characteristics. Focusing on these aspects of your business will pave the way for a beginning in referral marketing!

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  1. Srikanth - reply

    Enjoyed your insights on Referral Marketing. Thanks.

  2. Ren - reply

    How about partners? For businesses, encouraging partners to act as referral sources by offering incentives (eg: discount or higher tiered service) helps.

  3. Swetha Mohan - reply

    I’m glad you enjoyed the blog! And yes that is certainly another great strategy to expand your referral services. Thank you for your comments!

  4. Shantha Balakrishnan - reply

    dear Swethu, Excellent article. Way to go girl! All the best for many more publishings, Yours affly, Shantha patti

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