Top 5 Inbound Marketing Tools

Inbound Marketing Tools

Inbound marketing is about communicating with your customers and prospects without being salesy. You deliver information that educates your buyer. The basis of this strategy is the belief that if we, as businesses, valuable content to buyers, we will build a relationship and they will reward us with their trust and their business.

With so many awesome platforms out there it was really tough to choose our favorites for inbound marketing. Anyhow, we managed to narrow things down and put together a list of our top five favorite online platforms for inbound marketing. In no particular order….

Top Five Inbound Marketing Tools

    1. Hootsuite - Posting to multiple social media outlets can be tedious work. With Hootsuite though, you can bypass all of the hassle that promoting products and events usually creates by making it possible to post to such sites as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc simultaneously. Furthermore, it monitors activity generated by your uploads, which can help you analyze the best times at which to post.
    2. Twitter – Twitter rocks and it is one of the most frequently visited channels for social media, so it makes sense that when formulating the social media element of your inbound marketing plan, you would pay special attention to it. LinkedIn is heavy on our radar too!
    3. SEOMoz – When working with search engine optimization, it’s important to monitor the amount of traffic the keywords you’ve chosen have given you as well as keep an eye on trending words and phrases that you might take advantage of. SEOMoz’s software lets you manage all of this easily, while providing ample tools to track your competitors’ as well as your own place in search engine rankings.
    4. WordPress – If you’re planning to incorporate a blog into your inbound marketing strategy, look no further than WordPress. As an incredibly versatile and customizable blogging platform that you can easily integrate SEO and social media tools into, it incorporates many elements of inbound marketing into one package. As a blogging tool, it’s practically indispensable. We also like Tumblr!
    5. Hubspot - Last but not least! We love HubSpot. HubSpot is an all-in-one inbound marketing software that helps businesses generate inbound leads through search engine optimization, blogging, social media, marketing automation, and marketing analytics. This software provides marketers all of the tools needed to drive more traffic, convert more website visitors to leads, and turn those leads into sales.

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  1. Andi - reply

    Nice list, thanks! Using inbound marketing tools these days are very time saving. Personally i’m using good SEO tool alternative for the big ones : ColibriTool – i think it’s worth mentioning, especially because they have Google Analytics with goals/conversion rates integration and keyword research tool.

    BTW. Good blog – i’ll be here more often :)

    • Ty - reply

      Thanks for the tip Andi! Just checked out the colibritool site will play with it. A series of new posts on inbound will be posted soon!

  2. Schwarz - reply

    Hi! There is a new product on the market called BuzzBundle. It’s a social media tool like HootSuite, however it is cheaper and has it’s own peculiar features.

    • Ty - reply

      Thanks for the heads up. We will check it out!

      • AlexFrost - reply


        I tried Buzzbunlde myself and found it an interesting app. Although there is still much place for improvement this tools looks promising

  3. Piskom - reply

    Please look at this new inbound marketing platform at
    It worth of the cost in compare to Hubspot.


  4. Andrea - reply

    And please add Miin™ platform to your list too.
    At least your visitors can start inbound marketing for free!


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